Admission 進名校

Checklist of College Application Process


Before end of Semester –        Identify 2 Teachers for Recommendations (private schools)-        Literature: List of Non-American, non-British authors and short stories. This will “cover up” weaknesses for math/science students AND make every student more “intellectual,” even those who are liberal arts
Mid-June or after Semester ended Student & Parent Questionnaire:  We have compiled a unique questionnaire of college essay prompts so we and the Student can get to know themselves first. Parents also need to fill one out so we can learn their heritage.It is from these questionnaires that we get our great essay ideas. We read over you answers like a lawyer and a detective to design a “theme” for you and that is unique and make you a “new URM.”
Starting mid-June… all the way to end of December Essay Workshop Classes – weekly Essay: to focus on literature (where possible) to elevate the Student to be more intellectual


Please note for Students in our UC Program, the Essay Workshop ends on 11/30

Athletes/QuestBridgeCandidates Athletes + QB = Fast Track …. Will have specific strategy for each Student because everyone is unique
At all times Unlimited texting/phone/email/ contact with Allen – the head strategist.We will have meetings with parents when necessary because we feel most of the time should be spent on student’s cases (we hope parents understand)


June/ July Application Strategy:  What schools to apply Early…… Early Decision vs. Early Action
August Test Taking in the Fall: We discuss if you need to take any more SAT/ACT or SAT II
August Essays:  Try to finalize before schools startsList of College to Apply – for School Counselor


Interviews: will have Interview workshop. Sign up for interviews at local colleges (USC, Pomona, Claremont, Scripps, etc) to practice interviews

August/Sept In the Beginning of Semester: If a class is truly burdensome, consider dropping it before it affects college applications
September Teacher Recommendations  Once schools starts, must contact/see Teacher for recommendations; will show you how to write email or speak to TeachersQuestbridge Applications due on 9/19 ……for those who qualifies 
September Essay – continue to refine and edit 
October Finalize Early Application School List: could be SCEA (HYPS) or EA Only (MIT/Cal Tech/U Chi/ Georgetown), or one ED school with EA schoolsRefine Essays if Necessary: depending on school(s) applies for Early, may have to refine essays
October 10/24 QuestBridge Finalist announced – For those who applied, could have many applications due 11/1 (need to think strategy)
November Interviews for Early Schools :  With Interview preparation and workshops, you will be readyKeep Working on other schools application, but do NOT submit….. just in case you don’t get in early, may have to change your essays
November Other School Essays: work on specific school essay prompts, to demonstrate interest to specific schoolsUC Application due 11/30; USC Application (for scholarship) due 12/1
December Around 12/10: Early application results released. If you are in, Merry Christmas!Early Decision – if admitted, see if Financial Aid is enough


Finish up rest of schools …. May have to change essays.


Early Decision II: Think about Applying Early Decision II (deadline 1/1)

January Prepare for Interviews for Regular Cycle:Demonstrate Interest to Schools: Calls/Emails
Jan/February Make sure Counselor send in first semester transcript
February More Interviews:
March UC Start to come out Last Thur of March – Super Thur (Ivy/Stanford/UCLA/Berkeley)
April Decision and Visitation Month.  May need to visit schools to decide which one to attend. We will help you analyze different schools.Outside Scholarships:  There are some outside scholarships that we can suggest to apply.


Waitlist Strategy: What to Do if Waitlisted

May 1st Place Deposit on school
Late May Senior Graduation Party. Listen to advice from our former students, who just came back from College

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