College Counseling Service (9-11th)

Develop a support team for student in all areas related to their success in college and toward to career;

Work One-on-One to discover student’s skills and abilities that our attorney consultant  will  identify their interests, passions, goals and career path;

School curriculum planning-year by year planning- Design the High School Academic Plan;What Classes to Take:  We prepare a 4-year Plan for classes in high school, taking advantage of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We also help you resolve any issues in schools between Student and Teacher/Counselor.

How to select high school courses– how many AP are needed for student’s future career?Keys for Success in HS = GPA The key to High School success is a High GPA. No matter if you take lots of AP classes or some, a Student must obtain A’s.

What Tests to Take & When:  We provide you strategy of what test to take: SAT I/SAT II/ACT/PSAT/AP tests.  More importantly, we provide strategy on when to take them, and in what order. Design a time line for taking all the necessary tests:  SAT, ACT, subject test, AP test;

Extra-Curricular/Summer Activities: We plan strategically your extra-curricular activities and Summer Program so it would impress College Admission committees. For example, what National Award can you receive for volunteering? Or what summer program are respected by the Ivy League?  We have a long list. Recommend and design a strategic summer  theme to be consistent with their interest and passion;

Reading: We suggest books you should read to impress College Admissions. Normally, we suggest non-American, non-British authors because Students usually don’t read those in school. Even for math/science majors, reading this books will make you more “intellectual” in a hurry.

Private meeting to discuss their career/major choices, college selections, as well as admission and career path toward to graduate school;

Develop Your Hook/New “URM”: The key College Admission is create your own URM status – from Activities, Sports, Reading, Essay, or socio-economic status. For example, if you are an athlete, we coach you how to contact college coaches. We work with each Student to develop their URM status. We do this better than anyone else.

Liberal Arts Students Math/Science Students
*If Appropriate, Act As Faculty Advisor for “College-Level” Research Paper with Goal of Publication.

*If appropriate, will help student to publish book.

If Appropriate, Act As Faculty Advisor for “College-Level” Research Paper with Goal of Publication;

If Appropriate, may apply for U.S. Patent*

  * Attorney Fee for Patent will be Extra


Extra-Curricular Activities:

Community Service Athletics
– Detailed plan of required community, internships and extra curriculum aligned with student’s interest and applied to their objectives; How to get the most out of their internship;

– Advise on “Return of Time” Activities

– Special award for community service

– Advise what sport to participate in;

– Analyze what sports is mostly desired by Ivy Leagues and top colleges;

– How to Use Athletics to Gain Coaches’ Support and Into a Top School;

– How to Play the Recruiting Game;


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